Inspection Services

No House is ever Perfect….
Even brand new homes may have flaws. However, when you find your dream home, it just makes sense to have it checked out by a professional.

We can help you reduce your risk. We will present you with a thorough evaluation of the present conditions of the home with a comprehensive detailed report that covers deficiencies as well as the positive features. This will help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

Our years of experience and hands-on, in-depth training have taught us what to look for in a building structure and its surroundings. The Home Inspection is up to date on new construction standards and building materials.  .

• Residential Property InspectionsHome inspection Banner

We specialize in single family home, condominium and multi-family dwelling inspections. We look at the roof, exterior, structure,  HVAC, plumbing, electrical insulation as well as the interior conditions of the property. When inspection is complete, we provide you with a detailed written report in plain easy to understand English that we will review with you. We will also make recommendations as necessary.

Clients have advised us that checklist reports do not provide enough useful information. Generally, checklists do not distinguish between serious problems and minor issues.

• New Home Warranty Inspections

While most homeowners can easily point out the cosmetic deficiencies, it takes a professional who is up to date with the current codes to uncover the rest. Detected early enough and properly documented, defects in workmanship can be repaired while they are still covered by the warranty. These are different than a regular home inspection as they are compared against current codes and attempt to anticipate potential problem areas.

• Sewer line Inspections

Whether you are a first time home buyer or own multi units , you need to know what that property investment is really going to cost. Getting the right inspections are key and due to potentially high repair costs, a sewer line inspection is one of the most important inspections to get. It’s all about what you don’t see and that’s where we can help. We use self leveling color cameras to observe the interior of your sewer lines. This cutting edge equipment allows us to show you the exact location of any issues found, including its depth below the ground. This equipment allows us to see some of the smallest cracks forming as well as other issues that may affect the sewer system performance over time, bringing to light hidden damage to the lines. Each inspection is recorded in high resolution video so you can see exactly how your sewer line looks. We offer a copy of the video through a number of media formats.  Commonly found issues that are observed with our equipment include: root intrusion , cracks and/or breaks in the line , rust build up , grease build up , sags in the line , displacement at connections.   video camera inspection

• Mold Inspections

Unlike “free mold inspections” offered by various companies that do handle mold removal, our service is complete with mold testing. This is the only way to get hard evidence and be sure of exactly what is going on with your indoor air quality. Since some species of mold are not toxic, some things that may look bad to you might not be as serious as you think. This means you might might not need professional intervetion at all and we will be happy to relay that information to you.